Card Fees
Card Purchase fee FREE
Annual Card fee (every annual anniversary) €12.00
Card Replacement fee (Chargeable on order) €6.00
Account Upgrade fee FREE
Transaction Fees
ATM Withdrawal
  • Domestic
  • EEA Subregion
  • Europe but not EEA
  • International
PIN Resend/Change €0.50
POS Intra and Inter regional FREE
Cash advance through POS at Banks 1.1% (Min €8.00)
FX Fee Click Here
Load through Bank Transfers
  • Up to €10,000
  • Over €10,000
eWallet to eWallet Transfers – Payable by Sender €0.50
eWallet to eWallet Transfers – Payable by receiver FREE
SEPA Outward Payment (Amounts < EUR 1,000) €1.00
SEPA Outward Payment (Amounts > EUR 1,001) €3.50
Non SEPA Outward Payments (Amounts < EUR 2,000) €15.00
Non SEPA Outward Payments (Amounts EUR 2,001 to EUR 20,000) €35.00
Non SEPA Outward Payments (Amounts > EUR 20,001) €50.00
Chargeback handling – per chargeback €25.00
Inactive/Dormancy Fee (as per applicable terms * ) €5.00
Rejected Payments €10.00
Provision of additional information of executed payment/change of payment instruction after dispatch of payment/processing of application for intermediation of payment/processing of payment order due to missing or incorrect data. €20.00
Load through Credit/Debit Cards 3.5% (Min €1.50)
Load through Sofort 2% (Min €1.00)
Refund fee (in the event that incoming funds are returned to beneficiary) Sepa/Non Sepa Fees Apply
Balance Enquiry Fees €1.00

NOTE: The above mentioned fees exclude all and any ancillary fees which may arise from time to time on an adhoc basis as required.
*An email reminder will be sent if the Account is inactive or dormant for more than 6 months. If the account remains inactive after the 6th month an Inactive/Dormancy fee will be charged as from the 7th month.